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Self-piercing Rivets

Assemble multiple workpieces without pre-piercing
Self-piercing Rivet

Since the workpieces are not pre-pierced, it is possible to join pieces in arbitrary positions. Pieces made from dissimilar metals, plastics and similar metals that are unsuitable for welding can all be assembled. Galvanized and painted steel pieces can be fastened together and no processes such as welding are needed after. The process produces no sparks and there is little noise or vibration.

Movie of Fastening step as seen from the cross-sectional
Rivet diameter Ø3.2 Ø5.2 Ø5.3
Grip range 0.8mm~6.5mm
Material steel
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A new fastening method to replace spot welding
Self-piercing Riveting Systems

This electric system automatically feeds rivets to the tool using a feeder. Position-controlled setting of rivets driven with a servo motor enables stable riveting. A monitor screen diplays pressure curves and displacement for judging riveting results.

Unit Tool C-frame Feeder Control unit
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Small, simple SPR system that is easy to use, either manually or an automatic

Compact, easy-to-use operation hydraulic SPR equipment. The DAS type spools rivets loaded on the belt feeds automatically with a cylinder system. The DAF type automatically feeds rivets to the tool using a feeder equipped with jig or robot for automated assembly lines.

Unit Tool C-frame Feeder Hydraulic system unit
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