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Welding studs onto workpieces indispensable for unilateral automobile assembly

Unilateral welding studs are indispensable for the automobile assembly.
In order to increase the welding strength, weld the edge of the ring flange to the ring stud. Since the welding part is small, the ring stud can be attached to thin workpieces.

Cross-sectional view of Ring Stud High-speed video of Ring Stud
Stud Bolts
Thread size M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
Length 5.0mm~30.0mm
Material Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel
Xmas Tree Studs
Thread size T4 T5 T6
Length 9.0mm~25.0mm
Material Steel
Others Boss stud, T-stud, etc.
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Attach metal brackets quickly with unilateral welding

Metal brackets can be quickly attached unilaterally with a drawn arc welding system.
Welding stands are not necessary because of the bracket's special shape, so Weldfast helps to lighten the product.
With the DCE, drawn arc welding system, highly stable quality welding becomes possible.

Cross section of “Weldfast” High-speed video of Weldfast
Weight Under 100g
Area of welding 4㎟~100㎟
Length of Welding Under 25mm
Work thickness of weld part 0.8mm~4.0mm
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Weld studs with a drawn arc welding system
Stud Welding Systems

Equipment for welding studs onto workpieces unilaterally. Manual, automatic feed and robot install types are available. DCE is a fully-automatic welding system, consisting of the control unit, the feeder and the welding gun. The control unit monitors all the welding conditions with a digital signal processor. A linear motor is adapted for the welding gun.

Stud Welding movie
DCE unit
Control DCE1800 DCE1500
Feeder ETF50 ETF52 ETF90
Gun head LM310 LM240 LM90 LMR410
Hand gun PK760 PK760M
Others PW1600T PW55T PW90T 等
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