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Blind Rivets

Fasten multiple workpieces unilaterally
POP Rivets

The POP one-sided fastening method makes for fast, high-precision assembly lines. It enables quick assembly on assembly lines with low-skill workers, helping to reduce costs compared to welding and tapping screws. Long operating hours are possible with POP light-weight fastening tools and they are suitable for automating assembly lines. This environmentally-friendly fastening method does not generate sparks.

Ø2.0 Ø2.5 Ø3.0 Ø3.2
Ø4.0 Ø4.8 Ø6.4 Ø10.2
Grip range 1.0mm~25.6mm
Material Aluminum, Steel,
Stainless steel, Copper
POP Rivwt Sectional view
POP Rivet Fastening Process Movie
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For assembling POP Rivets
POP Rivet Fastening Tools

POP fastening tools can fasten POP Rivets and HUCK Fasteners easily. Choose a suitable tool type from manually operated, electric, battery-operated or air-hydraulic depending on the situation.

Air hydraulic ProSet1600A ProSet2500A ProSet3400 AutoSet5&6 etc.
Battery MCS5800
Electric ER600A
Manual PS15 PS20 PS40
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Design and manufacture based on customers' specifications
POP Automation Systems

Based on customer's specifications, NPR designs and manufactures fastening systems from jigs that hold things in place vertically to fully automated assembly lines. NPR approaches fastening as a system and offers a total fastening system from fasteners to auto-fastening systems.

POP Rivets RivetKwik multi-axis riveting automatic rivet feeding etc.
POP Nuts NutKwik automatic nut feeding etc.
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Rivet supply tape tool
AVDEL Speed Fastening System

Since next fastener is automatically delivered to the nose of the tool, ready to repeat the assembly process.AVDEL Speed Fastening System Sectional view

Rivet diameter Ø2.4 Ø2.8 Ø3.0 Ø3.2 Ø4.0 Ø4.8
Material Aluminum, Steel , Stainless steel
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Suitable for applications which need especially high strength
AVDEL Lockbolt

One Piece

Cross-sectional view of the one-piece typeHigh-strength fastener which can be unilaterally fastened simply and speedily.

Type Interlock, Avbolt
Two Piece

Cross-sectional view of the two-piece typeBecause the collar is squeezed onto the pin's parallel groove, it does not loosen even under high vibration.

Type Avdelok, Maxlok
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